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WorkSmart supports smart systems for Automotive, Plumbers, Builders, Electricians, Construction Companies and many more.  With our experience and knowledge of Xero and by utilising one of our partner job management applications WorkSmart can revolutionise your business.  Click on our partner logos below for more information on system integration and see our testimonials from trade businesses.


Mobile Workforce Management

Cloud based job management systems allow for mobile workforce management using any device.  Your team can be equipped to receive job assignments, priority levels and notifications on the go ensuring maximum efficiency.  With mobile job management systems having in-built google maps integration its no longer a problem finding the correct job site or location. With all devices linked to one system your whole team will always be on the same page 



Mobile On Site Quoting 

When your business uses a cloud based job management system your team can issue quotes on site or on the go via email from their device.  No more having to return to the office or put countless hours in after work on your old desktop based system in order to get a quote out to a potential customer.  When you have the ability to issue quotes efficiently and quickly the chances of acceptance improve greatly.  Quicker acceptance means you can get to work, it also means you cash conversion cycle is likely to improve




Mobile Purchase Orders

With cloud based job management systems, keeping track of your purchase orders and applying parts charges to jobs is a breeze. Your suppliers parts list or inventory will be within your system and can be used to generate email purchase orders on the go so when you arrive these will already be prepared for pickup.  Furthermore, with the ability to record purchases on the go there is no excuses for staff forgetting to add parts charges to jobs as these can be applied immediately.  With Xero integrated to your job management system all purchase orders will be sent over to Xero ready for payment when they fall due and updating your financial reports



Mobile Sales Invoices and Payments

Cloud based job management systems ensures invoices can be emailed at anytime, using any device, so whether you are in the office or have just finished a job, sending invoices and receiving payments on the go is easy.  The use of mobile payment solutions means you can also provide payment facilities on-site speeding up your cash conversion cycle.  Job management systems integrated to Xero completes the loop with all sales and payment data flowing into your accounting system for debtor management purposes, it really is that easy 



Full Integration with Xero for Seamless Financial Management

WorkSmart will ensure the job management application you use is integrated with Xero. Through this integration you job management system will send all debtor and creditor invoices and allow you to send month end customer statements. Xero will manage your businesses financial information allowing for quick and easy reconciliation of your customer payments, full GST and profit and loss reporting and access to Xero payroll