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Real Stock Control

Make the most of the insight offered by real-time profit and loss updates. Both Unleashed and Dear take stock control seriously - not just quantities, but values too. Using auditable transactions for all stock and stock value movements, you can track just who has done what. Nothing can slip through the cracks.

Complete visibility

No more waiting for the end of the month – with everything online you can see how your business is ticking along in real-time from the smart dashboard. Get up-to-the-minute stock numbers and sales margins in both systems, plus instant updates to your accounting system (when integrated). With all transactions processed in real-time, you can make better business decisions.

Track stock across multiple locations

Easily keep track of stock across multiple warehouses, in multiple locations (different countries, states or cities are managed with ease). Unleashed and Dear Inventory let you know exactly what stock you have, and where. Plus, you can segregate stock within your system to manage consignments or quarantined stock.

Serial & Batch Number Tracking

Track every unit of your inventory. Anytime. Anywhere. Whether it’s for warranties or shipments, being able to assign serial numbers to stock allows you to find an exact unit of inventory, every time. Serial and batch number tracking means precise control of stock and related expiry dates, from purchasing, right through to sales, shipments and any potential product recalls.

Order Management

It happens. Sometimes you don't have all the stock on-hand to fulfil a sale. You can seamlessly split the sale into multiple shipments. Get the stock that you do have, out the door to the customer, and simultaneously order the balance. Ship the remaining items when you’re ready to complete the sale at a later date. What can be a complex inventory management process is made easy.

Manufacture Finished Products using Production Management

Build raw material stocks and produce finished goods using Dear or Unleashed Inventory's production management functions. Capture each inputs cost including labour and external services by utilising multi level assembly options. Correct product costing ensures your capability to accurately understand profit margins on finished goods through the use of powerful product and sales reports.  

Integrate with Xero, POS or your Online Store

Seamlessly manage your products across all sales channels by linking Dear or Unleashed Inventory to Lightspeed POS or a selected eCommerce platform such as Shopify, Magento, Big Commerce and many more. Keep product levels accurate across all channels in real-time. With Xero integration all inventory movements and sales data transactions can link with your accounting system meaning real-time profit and loss reporting is simple and efficient.

Systems that enhance the sales experience with customer facing tools

Provide onsite sales support using Unleashed Inventory's mobile sales application. Make ordering easy for business customers by using Dear Systems B2B online portal that displays pricing relative to their customer account. Provide dedicated client relationship management through customer specific pricing per product or volume based discounts on ordering. Simplify the shipping process with shipping platform integrations.