Xero Add-On Integration

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Xero Integration - Sounds fancy but what is it and how will it improve my business?


Cloud Integration connects the dots and puts the pieces together

Cloud integration allows businesses to connect applications together through a seamless API link.  The last 5 years has provided for rapid growth in cloud integration.  The result of integrating applications means the applications will seamlessly transfer their information into each component of your wider cloud based system, this data transfer means you only enter the data into one application, therefore reducing double entry across systems.




Integration using Xero Add-Ons

When you use Xero as a foundation for financial management, integration can be achieved with over 400 applications each tailored to the specific needs of an industry, sub industry or sector.  The information that can be transferred between Xero and an Add-On application includes customer/supplier information, sales & purchase invoices and credit notes, adjustment journals, documents and files and much more.



Fact: Xero, with Add-On Integration can improve business efficiency

There is a Xero Add-On covering almost any business system requirement.  With ecommerce, job management, CRM, point of sale and inventory management applications available; businesses can leverage efficiencies through multiple application integration. Your Add-On will facilitate all operational inputs managing your workflows, these will result in financial outputs sent to Xero, therefore eliminating double entry into your accounting system. Importantly Xero will capture the financial information from all systems. 



How can WorkSmart assist me with Cloud Integration

WorkSmart goes where accountants generally don't, we work with clients at the front end of the business. Our team takes a forward thinking approach to your business, we are focused on matching you to a system that fits the intended future of your business.  We believe success needs a foundation and that foundation starts with key system structures within a business. Our team will help you put the pieces together by using our extensive knowledge of Xero and Add-On software to deliver an effective business system.