Here at WorkSmart we are all about providing businesses with cloud based applications to reduce paper


Receipt Bank Removes the Hassle of Paper Invoices & Receipts

Receipt Bank is a revolutionary tool that allows you to submit invoices, receipts or statements directly by computer upload, drag n drop, email, dropbox and phone app to your Receipt Bank account for processing and integration into Xero.  That's right, with our help integrating Receipt Bank to Xero, your invoices and receipts will always be automatically coded to the correct account and supplier and will be sent into your purchases dashboard with a copy of the document attached to await payment in due course or match up with payments already made, its that easy!




Access Anytime and Anywhere to Shared Documents using Google Drive

Collaborate with your team through the use of Google Drive.  This widely used tool allows you to save important documents to cloud based storage provided by Google.  Google Drive allows you to share your files and documents with your team ensuring everybody is on the same page at all times.  Whether you're out of the office or overseas, you can access your files which are regularly synced across the platform to ensure you have the latest version.  Talk to our team about setting up Google Drive and reduce the burden of carrying paper files and documents.




Formitize - Online Electronic Form Builder

Formitize allows the easy construction of online based forms which can be completed and downloaded in various formats.  Formitize is the perfect tool for creating customised checklists, surveys, audits, risk assessments, inspections forms and even invoices for mobile sales staff which can integrate with Xero.  With a wide range of functionality forms can be built to incorporate multichoice questions, photo's, voice recordings, calculations and signatures. Once a form is constructed it can be instantly deployed to field employees.  Talk to us today about formitize and how it can reduce your need for paper documents 



iAuditor Inspection Checklist App

iAuditor is a powerful application for building electronic safety audit and inspection forms, this application is perfect for managing onsite hazard documentation and safety process signoff.  With the ability to fully customise your forms and download them in a wide range of formats at completion iAuditor will help revolutionise your processes and minimise the requirement for keeping paper based safety documentation.  iAuditor can be used by by your mobile workforce via phone or tablet and can also integrate with GeoOp.  Talk to our team today about adopting iAuditor.



IRD E-Filing

Along with setting up your Xero and a wide range of workflow management tools, our team will assist you to move away from paper based compliance returns and filing.  We can assist you to set up online IRD E-Filing to simplify the filing of all your GST and PAYE returns saving you time and money by increasing efficiency.