Xero and MotorCentral Integration


MotorCentral powers a strong integration with Xero - Contact WorkSmart today and get setup



Account for Sales correctly in MotorCentral and Xero

Eliminate time consuming manual double entry by integrating all vehicle sales invoices through to Xero for reconciliation with deposits and payments.  Xero integration ensures the impact of finance transactions, MBI, PPI and other sales extras are handled accurately and sales are reported in the correct period.




Account for Purchases correctly in MotorCentral and Xero

Handle purchase and expense data entry once in MotorCentral and let the information flow into Xero. Enter vehicle purchases or reconditioning costs against vehicles and integrate the bills to Xero for effective creditor management and batch payments to suppliers through online banking.

Integrate financial information from multiple dealerships to Xero

Gain Company wide financial visibility by mapping your dealership locations to Xero tracking categories. All financial data will be pushed to Xero and allocated to the correct dealership location. With Xero tracking categories you will be able to run profit and loss reports per dealership location for perfomance analysis.




Integrate financial information from multiple dealerships to multiple Xero organisations

Gain group wide financial visibility across multiple Companies by integrating dealership locations to to each separate Company's Xero organisation. MotorCentral's mapping to each Xero organisation ensures the relative income and expense transactions are correctly recorded and reported where they need to be.  Where multiple Xero organisations are utilised inter-group overhead recovery can be handled via the Xero to Xero network link.






"Taylors Cars is a multi-dealership sales and service group, following adoption of MotorCentral we engaged WorkSmart to integrate the platform with Xero.  All dealership sales and expenses are now seamlessly integrating with Xero reducing double entry and providing accurate monthly reporting which helps with analysing group wide financial performance". Taylor Ryan, Director